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WCFJC seeks to increase economic empowerment and improve the quality of life among low-income women in Africa. Project work has begun in Uganda, East Africa and will later spread throughout the continent of Africa.

WCFJC Women's Testimonials: Part 2

Knowledge is power! This is why our workshops and trainings exist; to equip our Women in Business with the tools to run sustainable businesses and achieve economic empowerment. These testimonials from our Women in Business are evidence that we are slowly achieving our goals.

I am a farmer, I raise poultry and I trade in household goods. I have been getting Women’s Center in kind loans for some time now but it was not until the last one that I began to see my business really grow. It is because I was actively applying all the lessons they teach us during the workshops and trainings. At the Women’s Center I have learnt to appreciate hard work! A lot of hard work. Nothing in life comes easy. You have to work for it. I have also learnt to save my money with an end goal of investment in mind. My saving has become more consistent and more productive.

I run a restaurant for local food. When I joined Women’s Center, I was running the restaurant but my business was not growing. After joining I learnt so much! First of all, I received in-kind loans in the form of plates, saucepans and silverware which helped me serve more customers and grow my business. I learnt how to save, which helped me run my business better, and I also learnt how to handle customers well. I am learning how to account for all the money I earn through record keeping.

I sell water from a rain water harvesting tank. Here in my village where water shortages are common, this is a profitable business. One of the biggest lessons I have learnt from the Women’s Center trainings is customer care. It is so important! It has helped me build and keep my customer numbers. I have also learnt accountability through book keeping. In the group sessions the biggest lesson for me has been saving and reaching levels where I can invest.

I make and sell and herbal powder made of crushed jackfruit seeds, avocado seeds and dried okra. Through the training I have learnt so many marketing skills. I started making my herbal powder even before I joined the Women’s Center but with poor packaging. I now package much better; I have various sizes which means my customers have more choice. I have a label and logo which means my product can be easily identified. My business has really grown! My children help me market the powder in Kampala. We are now working with a lawyer and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards to ensure that my product can be sold everywhere, even outside Uganda.

The growth we see in these women’s lives and businesses is encouraging. The goal continues to be economic empowerment and financial independence!