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Women's Day: A Rural Woman's Perspective (Part 2)

Women's Day: A Rural Woman's Perspective (Part 2)

As we #PressForProgress and evaluate ways in which we are helping to achieve women’s economic empowerment. We wanted to hear about Women’s Day from some of our #WomenInBusiness. What does the day mean to them? What does being a woman mean? This is Part 2 of our conversation.

It was refreshing to see just how empowered the recognition of their own day made them feel. The sense of sisterhood and exclusivity is clearly something they all appreciate.

“Ekitibwa. Honour. For me Women’s Day is a day I celebrate how honoured I am to be a woman. What do you call the one in the car that helps to read maps? Navigator? Yes, women are the navigators in the home. It is important for the woman to play her role so the family does not fail. We celebrate women’s day to be given respect as women.
Being a woman makes me happy! I am happy to be a wife and a mother.
For all the young women out there, know the Lord! It avoids early pregnancies, dropping out of school, you will be able to reach your destiny. I raised all my daughters to believe and trust in God.”

“On Women’s Day we come together and celebrate exclusively as women.
Womanhood to me is tied to motherhood and marriage. Your home is what identifies you; being developmental in the home and raising up our children in the best way possible.
Girls need to stay in school! And never ever forget the value of hard work.”

“We celebrate Women’s Day because we were liberated from the kitchen! We are now free. Able to do as we please, and Women’s Day is the day we recognize that freedom and celebrate it.
Womanhood is defined by motherhood and marriage. I don’t think I can define it besides that! She is defined by her responsibility in the home and in the community.
Girls, do not get your children while still in your father’s home, and do not produce before the age of 18.”

“As women we are busy all the time, but Women's Day is in place for us to have fun, have peace, be free!
Being a woman means growth. By the age of 20 at least a woman should have children, be responsible. Her worth will be determined by her level of responsibility.
I have daughters and the very first thing I had them learn was the importance of education. From the business I run I have taught them hard work. They help me with the tailoring and manage to save some coins. At the end of the year they collect that money and treat themselves.”